SiJ15 - Day Two

SiJ15 - Day Two

I switched the X100 to monochrome today to try to minimize distractions. It helps to see the image in b/w while I work on the composition. I tried a few different angles and apertures and like this one best. I may re-visit the water pitcher again for more inspiration. Now to start with my first cup of coffee and catch up on commenting.
Luke, this could be the ultimate image for the new year - so many experiences await, as well as so many photographs. Good idea about the composition w/o distractions, too.
While looking at this one I kept wondering what that 'gimmick' - where you highlight one area of colour, keeping the rest of the composition b/w - would look like in this composition...?

Perhaps coloured water/fruit juice next time? My eye keeps 'skidding' off of the subject as it is.
Look at you mate, going all Edward Weston on us. What's next an aubergine? ;)
Just prodding you mate I love the study of form here. Nicely done indeed! Makes you realise there's 31 very worthy photos awaiting you on the top shelf of the fridge!
My eye is immediately drawn to the top edge of the glass and then to the different subtle shades of grey. Nice.
I love this image. It make me think of all the possible things that could go in there.
This is becoming your signature style Luke - look forward to more in this vein.

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