SIJ15 The dead tree.

SIJ15 The dead tree.

This tree died last summer and despite good winter rains has not recovered. This is a +1/0/-1 HDR.
that's too bad about the tree, but nice shot with a nice sky too. Great job preserving detail in the tree without making it look like an oil painting!
Bill, does +1/0/-1 imply a relatively mild use of the HDR software, if so it seems to suit this subject and shows no artifacts that I can see, albeit on a not very good monitor on the computer that I use to access the internet.

Barrie this suited the subject that had a moderate dynamic range to begin with. It is the max on the X100 unless you shoot twice with EV changes.
How tragic, Bill, and yet this image doesn't seem as though it shows death at all. Quite the contrary.

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