SIJ16 Pushing HDR to the limit.

SIJ16 Pushing HDR to the limit.

This is a 7 shot HDR of our dining area. The main light is very bright sunlight from the open window. Photomatix could not handle the DR and this result is from Oloneo HDR with some fill light added in LR3.
The HDR definitely makes this one pop more than a straight shot would have. In terms of content, well, this is why we take pictures.
A further comment from me - I forgot this was set on centre exposure so it ignored all but the bright window - it is a wonder I got any detail in the table at all. Hurrah for RAW headroom.
Bill, although I know nothing about the technical aspects of how you produced this - I am very impressed even more by reading your follow up comment! This is one of the most amazing things, to me, about the X100 - its image files are tremendously "forgiving" as I like to put it.

I'm guessing that the majority of those photographs were taken by you? drd, is so right about why we take pictures. And yours is reminder to me to take more of my own small family.

Well done, Bill!
When you look, on balance, between the detail of the RV and rose bushes outside, the flowerpot in the corner and the photos on the table, you can really appreciate how well you have pushed these files. And without the slightest bit of over-cooking. Great processing here Bill.

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