SiJ19 Scarborough Beach.

SiJ19 Scarborough Beach.

Taken from the 16th floor of our hotel yesterday - we stayed overnight to celebrate my 65th birthday.

Hope you had a lovely day in Scarborough. Funny how place names are shared across the world.
Yes, happy birthday Bill - so glad you brought us along with you!:wink:
Funny, too, how merely reading a pair of words starts the music going in one's mind! Recently I've been reading "This is Your Brain on Music," a fascinating book by a rock musician turned neuro-scientist. There's a wonderful PBS DVD film on the same theme called "The Music Instinct, Science and Song" hosted by Bobby McFerrin and the original author, Daniel Levitin. It's central insight (or at least the one I came away with, is that there is no single center for music in the brain but, instead, music activates AND COORDINATES EVERY major center! I can't recommend these works highly enough, especially to creative people! If the book (which is written for the layman but has appendices of peer reviewed experiments that back up that more accessible stuff) seems to heavy at first AT LEAST give the DVD a shot. You'll be glad you did.

And Happy Birthday, Bill ~ May this be the best year so far for you and for yours!

All the best,

A birthday? Happy birthday, Bill. This one looks like that cold front off the Antarctic was heading your way, too.

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