SIJ20 Deacon

SIJ20 Deacon

Our grandchildren visited today. Deacon is 5 months old and Nanna knows his 'tickle spot'. Taken with flash and high ISO so a bit noisy.
I'm with both drd about those "baby noises", and Lili re his "skin"! This is the photograph that is always going to make your heart smile!

As much as I do enjoy photographs of interesting places, things, etc., when it comes down to it, the personal photographs that we all make are the ones that really and truly matter.

I'm in love with Deacon!

Bill, I don't notice the "noise" and think that having your wife's hand going for that tickle spot, with her two gold rings is in deeply touching juxtaposition to your darling grandson's face and eyes... The different stages of life, family and all that is wrapped up in this image make it speak to more than just those who know the two people pictured here.

I'm so glad the "tickle spot" was just to the left of that little donkey's face.:wink:

Beautiful, Bill.
makes me think of nappy changing, (but I would wouldn't I), - no thanks!

bet you are proud - nice shot
wonderfully cute and happy scene, well photographed. I didn't see any noise untill I read your caption, the photo is way too good to worry about such things!

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