SIJ23 Candles

SIJ23 Candles

8:30pm and no photo - spent a lot of time re-installing Win 7 + software so this was one I'd had in mind for a while as an emergency. Processed in LR3 - my plugins are not installed yet.
Such beautiful rich colors - a "safety" - pshaw! These votive are like glowing jewels - and the shallow depth of field gives them mystery and allure. We could be in a place of worship - or magic.

Gorgeous, Bill!
Choices, choices. Which three to put out. Candles are beautiful, but the smoke/vapor leaves my sinuses stuffy.
Love the candles and how sharp you managed to get the first two. For an "emergency" shot, you've done exceptionally well :p
Even together these candle flames don't make for much heat, and yet the shot looks so warm. Nice work Bill.

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