SIJ24 Web

SIJ24 Web

Really running out of inspiration here - it's 38C today and the 7 day forecast is all 39 to 41C.

This spider web was catching the sun's rays nicelt. Taken in closeup mode using manual focus. Then processed in SEP2 to crank local contrast on the threads.
I always find spider webs fascinating. Think I would have cranked up the contrast but that may have spoilt it?

Nicely observed.
Wow....that sounds HOT. I'd be melting....and photographing ice cubes. This is NICE though.
Great detail in this pic, I'm liking it. The black and white works really well. Hope it was a safe spider that resides here.
The "confused web" spider. As others have commented very good use of a limited depth of field to make the web hover above the drain.

I like the contrast between the regularity of the drain with the totally irregular web hovering over it.
Yikes - this is scary to though something evil lives down in that dark hole...with a door that hasn't been opened in years.

Very well done, Bill!

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