SIJ25 - Super Mario chess set.

SIJ25 - Super Mario chess set.

Babysitting today and the boys have a 'collectors item' chess set with the well known characters from the game and something resembling mutant ninja turtles for the other side.
haha I like the subject!

Nicely composed as well. Those bright cheery colours are refreshing.
:biggrin: I saw this gang at play in your WC photo, Bill.

A wonderful point of view - let the "games" begin!:eek::wink:
haha that's a great chess set! Very colourful, great clarity in your shot. Where's Mario himself, though?

Not sure how they dream these things up, but I think the predominance of mushrooms sort of hints at their drug of choice :wink: Carlos Castaneda and Timothy Leary would be very proud

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