SIJ25 ~ what our place looks like now!

SIJ25 ~ what our place looks like now!

We live in a place just outside of Billings, Montana, USA that's a bit vulnerable to wildfires. (We've been evacuated three times.) When lots and lots of shingles started blowing off the roof of our house, we knew we had to do something fairly soon.

Zach helped us find a metal roof (which won't ignite if burning limbs get blown onto it) and we'd waited long enough for one to get developed that has the look of shake shingles from a distance. (We'd prefer the look of real wood shakes, and I'd made some once from redwood stumps, but it only takes them 15 minutes to ignite and then they aren't so attractive!)

Last year Zach put one on our house and this year it was the turn of the garage. The photo was taken on its "first morning."

We're very happy about it all!
Better safe than sorry - over 70 houses lost in the hills close to where we once lived last summer.
I'd prefer practical and safe over pretty and dangerous on this occasion.

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