SIJ26 Hot!!

SIJ26 Hot!!

Too hot to venture outside (nearly 45C according to my weather station) and the A/con is struggling. The 'black dog' is at my heels and finding it hard to stay motivated.
That's never been a reason not to go outside here in my little corner of Scotland. Too cold - yes, too wet - yes, too windy - yes, too lazy- oh yes, but never too hot!
I did the conversion and HOLY HANDLEBARS! that's like 114 degrees Fahrenheit. That temperature is only hit occasionally in the most severe parts of the US (and not too many people live there). Good gracious.
Bill, you have my sympathies. I don't do 45 too well either. We haven't had temps that high over here for a few years but I remember the last time we did, and I didn't have a/c back then. Its enough to make anyone depressed. Hope you get some cooling breezes soon :-/
Hang tough Bill..maybe it's time to go take in some movies for the majority of the day? Or get to a public place that's completely air conditioned... I know that feeling of being stuck inside... How's the early morning treating you?

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