SIJ3 — major storm warning, major light revealed

SIJ3 — major storm warning, major light revealed

(but I was STANDING within 150 yards....)
A beautiful sky. What kind of storm is coming? We always complain about the weather here in Scotland, but never look at the sky with fear.
I love the rain falling in the distance and the colours on the clouds but like Bill says... "bloody telephone lines"!
Briar ~ strong winds, thunder and lightening, but no tornados this time. Still, the television sound track was taken over by the announcement and we were warned to stay indoors and away from windows. Thank for your concern.

Bill and Sue ~ I agree entirely and find those lines a constant temptation to annoyance. I left them in this time for context, and to let you see that there are warts as well as beauty all around us here in Montana.

"And now a return to our regular programming..." with a few alternative takes on the storm light which I'll post in the general gallery.

Thanks to each of you for looking and for taking the time to write.

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