SIJ31  The reveal.

SIJ31 The reveal.

Completely exhausted of imagination so took a leaf out of several fellow's books with a selfie. You will notice from the camera that I flipped the image. This was worked in SEP2 then blended at 75% with the original colour image to give this 'death warmed up' result. I kinda like it though.
Love this Bill - and your title is perfect, as well!

I don't see it as a death warmed over (our version of that saying) coloring...irregardless, it works and works beautifully with your choice of f/stop. I don't know how you did what you did...but you did it extremely well and have gone out with dramatic flair!

You did it, Bill - the SIJ is complete!:drinks:
great title, great camera, great processing, great photographer, great selfie. Congrats on reaching the finish line!
Simple but effective, and very, very well executed. There is a slightly detached air about this, that you have brought out well with the processing. The camera assumes more importance than the photographer and the lack of eye contact has a power of its own.
Nice one mate. Really do love the processing here. Also like the fact that you are just a smidgen out of focus and yet there are parts - like your left (oh not sure with flipping in the mirror :confused:) eyebrow has a crispness to it.

Fitting end to a good month. :thumbsup:

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