Sigma DP3M, (75mm)
Miserable, dull, watery morning here in the UK. We have a small flat in the UK in an old block - this is the view from our flat looking into Winchester city centre.
One of the estate agents "selling" aspects was - "a view of the Cathedral"
Back off to France on Friday morning - so expect a change of scenery
Happy New Year to all
One man's "miserable" is another's beauty, eh Bill? I did get quite a chuckle with the estate agent's "a view of the Cathedral"! I guess real estate sales is the same the world round? To me, this is a view I could be quite happy with - especially when the sun comes out. Congrats on your daughter's upcoming wedding - and looking forward to seeing how things are coming along in sunny France!
Thanks BB+ my son is also getting married in August, the month after Kate!!
Love what the UK drizzle does for the colour red!
...with all these wedding I think you should be happy to even have on e camera dad! ;)
I need my eyes tested, I thought it was a low flying plane above the cathedral! Doh!
The Foveon X3 sensor deals with "reds" in a special way, with a little help from it's friends!!
I love the chimneys in your "hood", Bill. And I can nearly make out the cathedral. Shame on the real estate agent.

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