SiJ_Day_4_CarWash - DP3M

SiJ_Day_4_CarWash - DP3M

another miserable Day - not much happening - took the car for a wash after yesterday's drive.
Not much of an interesting image - but my duty done so look forward to see what tomorrow brings.
It is the custom, and you are instructed by notice, in France NOT to sit in the car whilst it is being washed …….. but in the UK it's normal to stay in the car. The only exception to this I have seen it France is a French woman .. she got out of the car whilst it was being washed …… but left her baby and young kids in the car.
Now I am feeling obliged to do mine which hasnt seen anything more than rain, for a year. LOL. Interesting shot, though, and interesting that you cant stay in the car. Over here, we have to.

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