Single in January 2

Single in January 2

I only took one picture today at the dinner table. I just got back from a long day shift (14 hours) and my supper was waiting for me on the table. My mum said I could use this picture as long as I blurred her out, sadly it didn't leave much of interest left in the picture but its all I had for the day!
Thanks for the explanation Karen, otherwise I was going to comment on the strong OOF capabilities :wink:
There is something very ironic about blurring the person and not the product that appeals to me for some reason. It is so unexpected and jarring that I think it works well. Of course now we are all desperate to see a clear picture of your mother, or will there be a series of blurred appearances? Might be quite cool.
I like it. I could see it as a full page Guardian weekend advert. Although ketchup and the Guardian are not natural bedfellows I suppose.
I quite like this image. Having you mum blurred out really changes the the mood and atmosphere of the image. If I was just looking at this photo without reading the comments I would gather that the person across the table happy to see the person home (back from work) but the viewer is quite exhausted after a long day and can only concentrate of going through the motions of having something to eat and going straight to sleep.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I really like this image.
I like this one, Karen. It made me laugh, I think in part, because I can tell your mother is smiling and to see the upside down Heinz.:biggrin:

Creativity is the mother of invention...or in this case, the daughter.:wink:

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