Single in January 5

Single in January 5

A stroll down the High Street in South Queensferry this afternoon with the GRD3. Not quite in focus but I don't mind, I like it anyway.
To be honest I was going to comment on the OOF. But then when I looked a little deeper it works with this image. It gives the feeling that the subject is caught up in a hard wind or storm of sorts - possibly originating further up the stairs that she is contemplating entry to. This selective focus better tells the story of the creeping on of old age, especially with the setting of the subject within an environment of old buildings.....whose structure would remain unchanged from (and like) her youth - though the window dressing and contents may be far different.

I like it!
The out of focus was what first hit me, but I also like it. Haven't your heard that OOF is the new sharp?!
Makes me want to know where the stairs lead - softness lends 'age' to the image.
I like the composition. You can imagine many stories to go with it. I'm also glad to hear the OOF is the new sharp. I'm good ay it.
She's wonderful..her raincoat, gloved hands, cross body pocketbook, cane and that blowing scarf! Perfect in black and white...and the sign for the Ale House with the left over holiday lights... Wonderful white windows... This is, I think, timeless for where you were. Really like this one very much!
Funny, there I am looking at the building and going... gee that's GOT to be 17th Century... based on the architecture... and marveling, and loving it because I do love such things... but wishing I could confirm my notion... then I read the description and stillshunter's comments. My poor eyes... they are awful... can't really even tell it is OOF... So I try to discern whether I can read the various writings and THEN I see the building is dated... 1676.

So it's not ** that ** OOF.

Fascinating. There is almost nothing standing in the States that is that old. There are some houses in my town, but the architecture is all post and beam construction. No stone/stucco/plaster construction... Quite different. I'd just love to walk around and take that in. I know this is odd stuff to focus on, but...

The capture and scene are more important than focus. You got two out of three. Works for me!
I echo all the previous comments, I'm left with the impression of a lady presumably pausing at the bottom of the steps to summon up the strength to tackle them, at least she will be assisted by the kind provision of the handrail.

I love the old world look of this. The old buildings help, but it's the color, look of old film, soft lens effect that makes this one. My first look at the thumb nails, didn't inspire. But in fairness the the spirit of this challenge, I open every one. And then I "got it". It's a keeper.
I'm reminded of some of the illustrations Mr. Matanle did for his book on collecting and using classic cameras.
The streets are made for when we walked in our cities.

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