Single in January 6

Single in January 6

What a day ... I know you shouldn't wish your life away, but I've been wishing I was at the end of this day ever since Monday, when I realised then what I would be doing today. This Mcdonald's pretty much sums up my feelings about today! Thank God its all over! GRD3.
I might have some ethical grumblings about your food choice Karen, but they would pale in comparison to your consciously choosing to smother perfectly good French Fries in HP Sauce!!! :eek:

The little chippies needed resuscitating after the long drive home, but even HP struggled to bring this meal back to life.
Hmm I was considering a shot just like this for my entry today, but then with a KFC meal... luckily I found something else though.

Whatever your day has brought you, glad you made it through and live to take another photo!

Regarding the sauce, in Holland we like to put mayonnaise on our fries, and it's absolutely delicious. It was only when I saw Pulp Fiction, where they discuss how weird our habit is, that I realised that mayo on your fries is not a universal thing!
I wonder if your MacDonald's are better than ours?

Whatever the day brought, I'm so glad you made it home safe and sound and hope today turns out better - and offers you a good meal, too, Karen!

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Single in January 2012
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