Snow and ice

Snow and ice

On top of a wall. I walked up to an out look over the Ottawa River to take a picture of the river in winter. I saw this on the wall and in the end I liked it better.
At first I thought you'd gone on another vacation - this time to see icebergs!

Although both are good, for me it's your second that just sings out clear and loud with dulcet tones - not only is the black and white range excellent, but it's also a wonderful view with that s cruving road along the great wide frozen expanse! That cloud bank is poised perfectly above the bridge...and it's as though the trees are the audience to that wonderful vista...and they get to enjoy it through all the seasons.

I would definitely say this second image is The One for me, Kathy.
I like them both, "icebergs" and the river view. Personally I think I would have chosen the river view since there is more for the eye to explore in that shot, but it's a very close call.

Kathy, the "icebergs" has a sense of mystery about it, without your explanation we'd have been left wondering because the picture contains no sense of scale. I would have been tempted to crop out the wall and then we would really have been all at sea, not having any clue as to scale.
It would then have been a picture of the world within as it were, a real mystery.

The first one is an amazing minimalist brain teaser. Magnificent......shots like this take real searching and creativity. I LOVE IT! The second is a lovely landscape. I am just starting to appreciate them. But they are much more common. That doesn't mean we can't enjoy them. But I see a lot of them every day. This one is very pretty, but that top

Have you considered a crop on the river shot?

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