This was taken today in a church ,as I wanted something different other than flowers. The fact that I had no zoom I was at a disadvantage, and the quality isnt great for taking these type of shots indoors with this camera an fuji x100 would be better.I think the GRD works best outdoors on sunny days!
I don't see the lack of a zoom being a disadvantage in this shot Nikki. You've made good use of what foreground interest was to be had with this shot, something of a necessity with a wider angle lens, also enables you to exploit differing camera angles than you would normally consider using which again it looks as though you have done, nice one.

Nikki, the whole point of this exercise is to force to see differently, working with limited gear, you've done that quite nicely here.
I just locked up my E-PL2 and XZ-1, even put my Nokia N8 away to force myself to use only the GRD 3.
Yes thats true. I guess I am getting to see what this camera can do - even if its driving me nuts !:)
I've "lit a few candles" in my time - real ones and the now common battery operated variety

Shots in religious places have a fascination for many photographers, (me included)

Keep at it - that's why we are all here
I like all the different postures of the people. Some praying some standing looking at the art and some just sitting.
Not sure how many Hail Marys for making an image in the house of the Lord (at least it's not a graven image) . Maybe two candles will do it? :wink:

Like the documentary feel of this shot. Great use of compositional elements!!!!
I didn't feel the love for my GRD3 straight away and then it just clicked. I don't miss the zoom when it's in my hands and I rarely crop in post processing. This is a nice slice of life image Nikki.
I get what you are saying Nikki, about it driving you nuts, but it was a good choice for the SIJ. I used mine for the last one and it forced me to learn more about it and appreciate it for what it could do and also what it could not. Thats why I keep it, and use it sometimes, but not for everything, anymore.

There's nothing wrong with the shot, its just different to your usual, is all.
I have a thing for the inside of churches, too. I'm going to have to approach some of our nearby ones to see if I can photograph inside.

Nikki, the candles are beautiful and I'm guessing that you needed to have the camera set to that f stop due to the low light, though the ISO was very low. I only had a GRD for a few days, albeit the GRD IV, so I don't know it that well... If you want to try again, perhaps try upping the ISO so you can have a greater depth of field - if you don't like the low depth of field. However, there's a certain beauty to having the background details out of focus...while our eyes concentrate on the votives...yet return again and again to the alter and to the parishioners.

You've created a thoughtful and evocative image to my eyes, Nikki.

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