Still a Rebel Day 14

Still a Rebel Day 14

X-10 Looking for today's shot, and one walks in front of my truck at an intersection. Jan 19 is Lee-Jackson day in Virginia, and since Lee and Jackson are buried in Lexington we have the Sons of the Confederacy come through each year.
{ppcode}good shot, did you take this from inside your truck? what exactly do these Sons of the Confederacy do?
Very powerful use of red in this image! Like it...

P.S., still prefer to see the images titled "SIJ: Day.." though and some keywords about the camera set-up as I've forgotten what you're shooting with mate :confused:
The Sons of the Confederacy try to preserve the heritage of Confederate States of America.
Just had a long converstion with a friend last night who is from the north east US and has a very heavy NE accent pertaining to this very subject as depicted in this image. There are many here in the south who still have not forgotten. Its like time has not changed. So my friend with the accent feels he still has not been accepted in this community of ours yet has lived here for almost 20 years. Sometimes hes afraid to open his mouth as he may get the go home yankee routine.
What great luck you had!

Interestingly, I'd just finished commenting on the previous photo, by Thomas, and stated how much I loved New England...and basically how it's part of me. Truth be told my father's family came from the South, originally. The United States is full of regional influences and some can be pretty heavy duty.

You had the catbird seat for this one, drd!

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