Strung out
Driven a couple of hundred miles today. Started early, got home late. All day customer meeting... in Birmingham.

Sometimes when I'm stressed I play with this. It's a 5-string bass - sinistral. The lowest string is deep enough to make small dogs within a 100-yard radius lose all bowel control. My neighbour with the Pekingese doesn't like me much...
glad the extra string is on the low end. I think they make some that have one on the higher end and that tends to make bass players play like it's a guitar which is never a good idea. Nice lines.
Love that low B string - nice tonal range any way you look at it (another bassist here!).
Left handed bassist..wonder where I have seen one of those before...

Great shot. As another musician, I always appreciate good instrument shots.
Great image, Bill.

You have a wonderful way of distilling things down to their essence and using this GRD III the way you have through the month exemplifies your talents in this realm.

I'm going to ignore that dog and their bowels comment.:wink:

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