Through the Gates of Night

Through the Gates of Night

Shortly after midnight, Frisco Texas
I like the intersecting lines and the absence of traffic except for the windscreen.
Lines, lines, lines :wink: I especially like the line of lights almost dead-centre leading your eye further and further into the image :thumbsup:
A great interplay of lines... Indeed it's so much about the lines that I'd almost want to see it in B&W (but I still love the feel of the yellow street lights so I'm happy to see it in colour) :wink:
I like the lines and lights but I agree with Sue. I think it would be more effective without the dash.
I'm always amazed at the number of photos you take while driving! How I miss the Dallas freeways. As bad as I thought they were when I used to live there, it's not nearly as bad as in Houston. I agree with the comment above about seeing this photo in B&W. Happy New Year!
I like the soft cozy warm light which would be lost in B&W
Ghostly image.

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