Unknown Soldier - Winchester UK

Unknown Soldier - Winchester UK

This SIJ is one camera one lens and I have been experimenting with my M8 and 28mm to try to get good close ups - achieved by cropping the image. Todays posting is such a crop - quite a large 100% crop - I will put the original image in "outakes"
indeed adding the tree to the composition really takes this shot from a record of the statue, to something conveying a feeling, and bringing the statue to life (I think the branches bring to mind the ground those soldiers fought over and make the whole atmosphere more tangible and perhaps also more raw). Well done!
I agree about the tree branches and the way you've framed this soldier, it's much more as though he could have been in real life.

A strong image, Bill. I'll be looking for the full shot, but have a feeling I'm going to like this one the best.
Withe the quality of lens and modern sensors digital zoom finally come into its own

Aside from that, what a poignant image you've made.

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