Up to their knees in it

Up to their knees in it

there is a large field at the bottom of our valley - we live up there on the top of the hill - all the local springs and streams flow into a very small river which we call "the mighty Dureze"(the river is on the first tree line) - anyway most of the year this "large field" get a little muddy - and it attracts all kinds of wildlife - once a year in the Spring it usually floods completely
A few young "bulls" which the farmer has to separate from the rest as they can get a bit "stroppy"

cloudy day but with some sun - plus a little haze
shot partly into the sun as I wasn't going to wade into the mud to get the sun on my back
tweaks in LR, (particularly the sky)
That looks like a good place to lose your wellies. Your tweaks have been gentle enough not to push things too far, nice one Bill
Love this one, Bill, though I do feel sorry for those bulls. That's an awfully small looking playpen. Can't think all that mud is too good for their hooves?

This one could go in the Strolling around image thread, if you felt like it. Great scene!
Yes - I reckon that there must be some kind of cow disease called foot rot - they do spend quite a few days in that pen
Wouldn't want to be lifting those cows out of that mud! Awful job at the best of times....

Nice colours here.
In sheep it's footrot, in cattle it's "foul in the foot". Big problem will be the stones hiding in there, add that to wet soft hooves and you've got a problem.
Poor little fellas, not much of a play pen for them. Nicely captured and good colour too.

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