Winter Garden
Steve Noel

Winter Garden

I try not to look at what each photographer writes before I draw my own reactions...and fallow fields is what came to mind, so I'm happy about that. You're greener than we are my friend, however it does look cold and damp yet still a lovely view.
Nice, make me remember the book title, "The Green Hills of Earth" not sure why. It isn't that hilly...
Just the brown leaf covered part and the mulch pile is the garden. The rest is corn field, after it's been cut for silage.
is this your vegetable garden, Steve? What do you like to grow?
We grow tomatoes, potatoes, onions, beets, kale, cucumbers, turnips, beans, corn, melons, etc., etc., .... The green to the right is called tender greens. Very good, cooked. And it can survive very well, in moderately cold, light freeze. It was the first year for a garden here. broke out sod and worked hard to rescue the vegies from the grass and weeds. 6 loads of year old bark mulch, and two of old hay. The pile was dumped later, in the summer. That will be used in the spring. I don't like plowing and hoeing after things are planted. Mulch heavy!

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