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    Flickr Alternatives

    I'd moved to ipernity. Their ability to store and download psd and dng file is just amazing. Here's my account - ipernity: Chibi Lemon
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    b'licious (for Luke)

    you should. :P
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    why I shoot with a serious compact (humorous video) ....

    Heh. One reason why I jettison all long lenses and external flashes for my C-system long ago. Simply ridiculous for most situation.
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    b'licious (for Luke)

    Seven months too late but still funny...
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    Canon Canon EOS-M

    Never used the G1X before. However the focusing is quite similar to what you illustrated. Nope. Don't think there's an electronic distance scale. In fact, never found a need for distance scale display.
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    Canon Figurine Collection

    More high contrast shots in colour.
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    Canon Figurine Collection

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    Canon Canon EOS-M Reviews

    Here are some reviews of the EOS-M: - EOS-M First Impressions Love the shot of the EOS-M with the Sigma 800/5.8 IS attached in this one. Fairly candid review too about the slow AF and agree totally with the conclusion of the quality of the images being one of the best for a...
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    Sigma DP1x for $249 at Amazon

    Lucky for me Amazon doesn't ship electronics to Singapore.
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    Color photographs

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    Canon Figurine Collection

    I'm having a blast with the EOS-M kit at the moment. Yar, I know I know. Kit lenses are supposed to suck. But I'd never seen metallic kit lenses that well-built before (both 22/2 and 18-55/5-5.6). Simply a joy to use. The fact that the ergonomic of this camera is so intuitive and the...
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