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    Sigma DP2M versus Fuji X100

    The X100 sensor has a base ISO of 200, so exposing at ISO 100 makes the camera 'correct' an over-exposed raw image and there is a loss of quality. Shooting at ISO 100 will reduce the X100 image quality. At ISO 200 the EXR processor cannot do any Dynamic Range tricks, i.e. if you try to set DR...
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    Post your Blizzard 2013 photos!

    A little snow in Manhattan (NYC) x100 iso 1600 f4 1/80
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    Fuji lets have a f16 kind of day

    Hi, f16 = bright sun with distinct shadows I became interested in photography in my teens and have owned Nikon and Olympus SLR (film) systems and numerous compact rangefinder and scale-focus cameras. Kodachrome 64 was my film of choice, and its critical requirements (exposure latitude...
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    Fuji lightweight camera support - bean bags, clamps, mini-tripods,

    I always carry a camera with me on bicycling adventures but I don't want to carry any extra unnecessary gear like a tripod. When I want to take a long exposure I use a bean bag to stabilize my camera. When bicycling on off-road trails I've used the self-timer and hung my camera from a tree...
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    "Life Force" bronze sculpture by David Bakalar (1988)

    I'm grateful for the sculpture ( Jacques Lipchitz , Henry Moore , etc.. ) displayed on the Columbia University campus. This piece, "Life Force", by David Bakalar, is on the plaza in front of the law school. In the background we're looking uptown on Amsterdam avenue going in Harlem. camera: X100
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    Night Shots; Post 'em Here!

    gx200 iso64 handheld 1/2 sec 24mm-equiv f2.5
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    Fuji Should I Use The Warranty?

    Send it in. It will document the problem even if they cannot find or fix it. If the same problem occurs later out of warranty, they may still treat it as a warranty repair since they didn't fix it earlier.
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    Show "Bicycle"

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    Leica Leica to sell Black and White sensor "M" camera? (rumor)

    I've used Kodak IR, Konica IR, and SFX films. Several things could make a B&W digital camera interesting: - ability to adjust the spectral response to UV or Visible or Near-IR or recover select spectra from RAW - EVF for focus confirmation especially for UV and IR where focus is shifted - ISO...
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    Film What Film Cameras do you use?

    The Plaubel is a wonderful camera, just one of a few MF cameras that Nikon built lenses for. I've read the Makina 67 was designed for Japanese Photojournalist. It's so small when the lens is collapsed that I consider it a classic compact camera of its kind. In terms of resolution, I think...
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    Film What Film Cameras do you use?

    Your observation is correct. I staged the photo using my kitchen oven. The cameras were photographed when the oven was cool. A second photo was taken with the heating elements and the oven lamp switched on. These two images, taken with a Powershot S90, were "fused" together using photomatix, an...
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    Film What Film Cameras do you use?

    I haven't shot film since 2007. The last film camera I used was my Plaubel Makina 67, a folding 120 roll-film camera. When folded it is flatter than an old polaroid camera, it fits easily in a brief case or winter coat pocket, making it a compact camera. My most modern film cameras is my...
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    Canon S90, multiple exposures merged using hdr. Old From lower right clockwise: Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta BX 6x6 folder from 1930s, KMZ (Russian) Iskra 2 6x6 folder from 1960s, Plaubel Makina 67 6x7 folder from 1980s.
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    Compact Travel camera - LX5 or G1X or X10

    LX5 , X10 , G1X are all excellent cameras for their size category I'll add one more: Canon Powershot S100 - for its tiny pocket size (smaller than the LX5) If I was in a studio and had access to the above cameras then the G1X would be the best camera because of the image quality from its...
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    Digitizing slides....

    sorry, I cannot cut and paste the url correctly, please google "fujifilm photo rescue project" and you will find the correct links.
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