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    Fuji X20 and the OVF

    That´s right. The overlay panel in the viewfinder of the X20 is using current, so you have to keep an eye on your battery.
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    Fuji Highly recommend the iShoot grip!

    Indeed, it is much better than the genuine Fujifilm grip. It´s less ugly without the L-plate...
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    Fuji New Book on Fujifilm X20

    And a new rumour is born :p
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    London Dawning

    Very atmospheric shot. Great!
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    Fuji New firmware for X20?

    Are there any rumors or even news on this topic? A better JPG engine would be nice...
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    Fuji Essential Kit for X20

    What is this plastic thing at the end of the strap? Looks like kind of protection against scratches...
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    Fuji Alternative grip for X-E1

    Using this grip for several weeks now. Better than the Fuji grip for me. Looks o.k. when you take off the plate at the side.
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    Fuji Why an X20?

    Printed some X-E1 and X-20 images today in A3+ Guess the quality is good enough for even bigger prints.
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