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    Micro 4/3 The official I don't want the LX100 thread

    I have the D-Lux (type 109) and I love it! IQ is really very good, and the camera is such a great balance of size, IQ, controls, etc. As a simple family snaps camera or a quick photo walk camera it almost can't be beat. I managed to lose the flash though : ( The D-Lux/LX100 and GR make a...
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    Hawk attacks quadcopter drone cam

    That was great. Poor drone though.
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    Ricoh argghh my GR rant

    Was your first GR used or new? You cannot trust that buying a used camera represents the brand. My GR, about a year old, has worked flawlessly. If you love the GR so much buy a new one from a reputable dealer like B&H and try it. If it works perfectly, then you're set, if not then move on. In...
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    bountiful tomatos are NOT a problem. Solution #1

    Yum! Lovely idea! Sadly, here in California with the drought, no tomatoes for us this year.
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    Hi Amin, I just mean including a Serious Compacts sub-forum for general serious compacts discussion. It might just be a mental model thing, and how I perceived and used, but I never paid much attention to the sub-forums, just the overarching topics of serious compacts and things people do...
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    Hmmm... I liked the idea of serious compacts. My preferred type of camera and a place where I knew I could discuss them. Amin, what about a Serious Compacts forum within this site for us serious compact types. And why not just start a new forum instead of changing Serious Compacts? Presumably...
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    Pentax Pentax K-3

    I must have missed this thread. Supreme camera! It and the GR make quite a pair. Fantastic pictures John. The abandoned road and there driftwood are intriguing. Looks like a great trip.
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    Pentax Pentax Q2 Rumor

    Would buy the Q2 if there is a Q2/01 kit. I miss my old Q and the 01 prime.
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    Pardon my rant

    Idiocracy. At least it wasn't Comcast.
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    i feel so OLD (help)

    iPod Classic. Not a big screen, but straightforward iPod and tons of storage. Order via - why bother with Best Buy.
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    Fungi season!

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    Featured: 'Sigma DP2 Quattro Test Shoot Pics and First Impressions' by ggibson

    Thanks for the write-up; like many, I'm very curious about this camera. The design has always looked odd and not quite right. But inside, sounds like it's there. What I am most curious about is the B&W conversions. BTW how is the latest version of SPP - any improvement in speed and stability...
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