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    Seen while strolling...walking and wandering outside

    BRANCH IN THE LAKE X-posted in MU-43.
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    Show Contextual Bokeh!

    Grand nephew last Xmas. One of tthe first images I really like.
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    Help A couple of ???

    Ok i was wrong. A closer look at the above cited use of a ‘heart’ shows that thee heart was added by a different member. Why someone would do that is beyond me. Though, I do believe I’ve seen the ‘heart’ ‘appreciate’ used as a thank you...
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    Help A couple of ???

    @Kevin, kinda. I’m trying add a “heart” next to the thumbs ups I’ve received. Look at ‘Seen while strolling...’ page 160 post 3,189. Image received well deserved ‘likes’, ‘winner’ etc. poster expressed thanks by adding a/an ‘heart/appreciate. That’s what I’d like to do. I’d like to say...
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    Help A couple of ???

    THANKS FOR YOUR TIME. First the easy item... orientation problem is definitely iOS/iPad fault. "Portrait" post #481` is in proper orientation when viewed using my Mac desktop/OS puter. I may try deleting via iOS and reposting same way; just to see if it's a temperament problem. (But it's not a...
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    Help A couple of ???

    1- several people have been kind enough to give me thumbs up on a post. I’d like to thank them but, I can’t find the heart can I fix? 2- I posted a portrait that was in proper orientation...from the very first moment it’s been rotated 90 degrees clockwise. How do I fix this? I’m...
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    Fall Colors...

    A different area of the same park 2 days later. I had gone looking for the fog reported for that park. It was more of a mist that washed out all colors most of the day; then it burned off. The sky was heavily overcast the whole day. It was like a dingy bedsheet. SOOC w/ minor crop
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    Fall colors

    Local park a few weeks ago. Hope this posts well. I hit preview and that display is a bit washed out.
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    Portraits, any camera, any color, any subject

    First photo I’m posing here:
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    Matters legal and commercial - advice please.

    I just came across this you tube video. There's also a bunch of follow-up vids: I'd suggest your suit MAY be more valuable than previously thought. Best wishes
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    Matters legal and commercial - advice please.

    Asearch re. Copyright infringement, focused onUS law, found thefollowing cases. Itappears twoof those cases included a discussion about damages. Note the source
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