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    The rangefinder is not for everybody

    The TTL experience is something I miss from rangefinders, but one thing I don't miss is unreliable manual focus. Focusing a rangefinder through, say, a dirty window or between fenceposts or bars is much easier and more reliable than trying to AF or manually focus a DSLR, or mirrorless camera...
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    Canon Showcase Canon G Series Image Thread

    I didn't start shooting raw until 2008, and only with the Sigma DP1 because it was necessary to get a decent image from it. Hardly any of my Canon G series or DSLR images were in raw until 2009 or later, so there's years of images that didn't get the benefit of raw. 30D and 5D Mark II jpegs were...
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    Feedback Site changes, again

    I hang on to almost all of my cameras and lenses, apart from the ones I've given to immediate family. Interestingly, only a few get deep emotional attachment beyond the others. The Leica M9 is one. The Ricoh GRD III is another, despite having lesser image quality than later models. The Contax T3...
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    Fuji The Original old X100 can still boogie

    Back when I bought mine, the only way to get a black version was to get the Limited Edition. Fortunately, I was able to get it at a discount. Funnily, it is sitting on the desk in front of me, right now. Those are some great images, and they really show how great this camera (and you) are...
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    Zeiss ZX1

    I know, the web designer needs to a good wedgie in retaliation for that browsing experience.
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    Zeiss ZX1

    There's no way this will cost less than the Sony RX1, see my post above. It has all the bells and whistles of the RX1r plus a better EVF, built in harddrive, new sensor and full new OS. Yashica of Japan made numerous Contax film cameras under license, designed by Zeiss. These included the...
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    Zeiss ZX1

    I'm not sure how much less expensive a camera like this could be. I'm thinking it will be in Leica Q territory because it is essentially a Sony RX1r II with a 512 GB SSD, built in Lightroom, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and a new sensor designed for Zeiss, plus a new lens design. It's not...
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    Zeiss ZX1

    Ah, I get it. The hot shoe cover is completely in line with the body and only looks like a fine rectangular outline. I guess that's in keeping with their minimalist styling.
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    Zeiss ZX1

    This would not surprise me in the slightest, and I don't understand how people (read: DPReview hecklers) can expect it to be USD $2000 or something equally daft. If the Sony RX1r II and Leica Q are the prices they are, how can a similar camera with even more technology, from a presumably even...
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    Micro 4/3 I think the time has come to let go

    Return Of The Living Thread! :eek: The E-M5 was my first m43 camera, and it's sitting on the desk in front of me right now. Weather sealing and touchscreen shooting were the main reasons I bought it. Since then, I've bought a GH3, GH4, GM1 and a GX85 just a few months ago. M43 is still going...
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    Personal gear review

    I've never purged my gear, although I've given older cameras to family. But almost all of the gear I've bought in the last ten years is still mine. Selling anything would mean not having gear I can still use, and I'd only get a paltry amount for giving it up. I still have my Fuji F30 from 2007...
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    Zeiss ZX1

    Oh, it's going to be pricey, alright. I can't imagine this being cheaper than a Sony RX1r II. Probably Leica Q territory because it has a 512GB SSD built in, plus being small production run from a company that hasn't made a camera since the Zeiss Ikon film rangefinder, and has never produced a...
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    Your experiences with traveling light?

    This year I'm taking the Leica M9 + Sony RX0, which is like giving the M9 a video upgrade when mounted to the hotshoe. I'm tossing up between the GX85 and LX10 as complementary cameras, or maybe the Ricoh GR or even the Sigma DP1 for fun. Video is important to me, so the Panasonics make sense...
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    Zeiss ZX1

    This is a very exciting camera, and very removed from the Sony RX1. Full touchscreen interface Lightroom CC bundled INSIDE the camera 512GB internal SSD instead of memory cards WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity to upload directly to the internet Shutter speed and ISO dials on the top, aperture...
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    GR III - it's coming.

    The function of the exposure rocker seems to be taken over by the ADJ toggle that has always been there, and there's also a scroll wheel around the function buttons. I'm still optimistic that the designers know what they are doing.
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