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    Leica Is anybody else out there wanting an M10?

    I had the M10 and it was, if anything, too good. I downgraded back to M-D and CCD M Monochrom.
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    Leica Leica to sell Black and White sensor "M" camera? (rumor)

    Wow, cool to see this thread resurrected. I bought my M Monochrom in early 2013 or perhaps late 2012, and then had the sensor misadventures in early 2016. The camera went to Leica New Jersey and after waiting 10 months, was returned with a description that there were oil spots cleaned from the...
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    Asiafish from Leicaplace

    Hello all, I think I saw the consolidation and joined here, but then forgot about the change and later couldn't find Leicaplace, which no longer exists. So glad to find Cameraderie and all of the great photographers and friends I'd made at Leicaplace and hopefully new ones from the other forums...
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    Leica Lately I've been shooting with Voigtlander lenses

    I own two for M mount. The 35/1.4 Nokton SC and the 50mm f/1.5 Nokton ASPH. The 50 is outstanding, with very smooth bokeh and sharp from corner-to-corner from f/2.8 and only suffering a bit in the corners wide-open. It has no noticeable focus shift either making it very easy to work with...
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    Leica Is anybody else out there wanting an M10?

    I've had the M10 for about eight months now and I love it. That said, I was equally happy with the M-D 262 and if I had it to do again, I probably wouldn't bother with the upgrade.
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    Leica 50mm f/2 Summicron-M (non-APO)

    It is very sharp, at f/2 or anywhere else.
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    Leica Leica M lens quality control disappointment

    I bought a brand-new 28 Summicron in March, and had to have a wobble between the front and rear asssemblies tightened three weeks later. It loosened againin another month and I sent it off to Leica. To their credit, the lens was back in my hands two weeks later and is tight as I expect a Leica...
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    Leica The best digital bodies for manual focus Nikkors are......, Leicas

    I had a very difficult time deciding between getting the M10 and the SL, but since rangefinder is my preferred way to shoot, the M10won out.
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    Leica The best digital bodies for manual focus Nikkors are......, Leicas

    I also own and love the 135/2.8 (mine is a K type, last pre-AI with factory AI conversion). That lens is a joy to use, but I see little reason other than one more F stop to use it on the M10 as my old Leica 135/4 Tele-Elmar is even better, not to mention RF coupled,
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    Leica The best digital bodies for manual focus Nikkors are......, Leicas

    I've built up quite a nice collection of manual focus Nikkor lenses and enjoy shooting them on both digital and film. Finding a good film body for Nikon is easy as other than the FM10 and FE10 (both actually Cosinas) there really weren't any bad Nikon bodies. My personal favorite is the F3...
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    Leica Showcase M 10

    Actually I'll be spending a weekend on military duty, so very likely I won't have much, if any time to play with it. I do have a big trip to Japan planned for March where I'm sure it will get a lot use.
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    Leica Showcase M 10

    I will have my M10 on Friday, along with EVF to help with Noctilux portraits.
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    Leica What is this nonsense? Yashica "digital film camera"

    Hey, what's wrong with moody Japanese girls?
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    Leica Is it still a good idea to get M9 these days?

    M9and M240 both produce stunning results and both are quite reasonably priced these days. I use M-D (almost same sensor as M240and had M-E before that and also use CCD (M9)which is very doable with perfect exposure and slow cards. M240 very clean ISO 3200 with banding only a problem when...
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    Leica Value of M-series Lenses

    Wow, that 75LUX is worth a pretty penny, you may very well “get Rich”. If you are interested in selling, I would very much like an M5body with M6 frame lines.
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