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    Where do we all live - a Poll

    retow, would you rather be in Europe AND the EU, or in Europe outside the EU? And give us a hint where you are: Balkans, CH, Norway, Ukraine, Moldavia, ...?
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    Where do we all live - a Poll

    Hi, Sebarro! First, never apologize for not speaking English. I have lived for 40 years in Germany and I still use the quote from (I think) Churchill: "Life is too short to learn German". If you can read English well enough to enjoy this forum, that's fine. Welcome!
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    Where do we all live - a Poll

    I'm Scottish, but I live in Germany. Will be interesting to see the poll results when a few hundred answers are in ...
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    Fuji Nikon Df vs. Fuji x-pro1

    US gallons are smaller than UK gallons :-)
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    Fuji Newby

    Hi - I'm just over the border in Dortmund! Enjoy this friendly forum ...
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    Show "Alcoholic drinks"

    Light refreshment ...
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    GAS-free Executive Lounge

    Sorry to hear that Sue: hope you can still enjoy your photography.
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    Say a prayer for a missing student of photography

    May Jawhe, Allah, God be with him
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    GAS-free Executive Lounge

    If you smoked as much as my wife does, you can easily afford GAS ... just saying :-)
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    GAS-free Executive Lounge

    I'm in the denial phase, as in: it's not really GAS, I don't want a new body, just maybe a 12-40. Or if that's too expensive, maybe a 12-32 ... I'll have a double Lagavulin, neat.
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    Paul, I have a soft spot for A'dam since I worked there for 3 years in the 70s. I go back regularly. Thanks for the photos and for reminding me to go and see the 'new' Rijksmuseum ...
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    When do you not push the shutter button?

    Rajiv, I don't think anyone would object to your style of shooting. It boils down, I think, to what you choose to publish. If you have the dignity of man as your guide, I don't think you can go far wrong.
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    Fuji A Christmas Tale

    Having experienced Easter in a very poor village in Cameroon, I can relate to this. Thank you Gary, and - for all of us - never forget how rich you are.
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    Fiat 500

    Here's the original 'Topolino', taken in the Automuseum in Dortmund.
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    Micro 4/3 Suggestions please

    I love alpine mountain passes!
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