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    a few from today's "window seat" Really wet day today, wet all week, so far, I worry for some the young birds could not venture out a very wet young Jay Young Blackbird and a Great Spotted - who was looking really rough, the image and pp flatters him They spotted something this...
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    another Raptor - head shot I think that it is a Harris Hawk - but happy to be corrected I just got a little too near with the 300mm + 1,4TC ISO 5000 - D750
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    CAPTIVE (Bubo africanus) "It is illegal to capture or keep these owls in most southern African countries, but the nestlings are easy to tame and they make affectionate, companionable pets. However, feeding them is demanding, because they do best on balanced diets that include feathers, bones...
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    Local Market yesterday

    Just what caught my eye
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    From a march.. to a protest.. to a riot

    why is this happening, just a mad world that seems to just be accepted - just glad I live in rural France the human race is evolving into a bigger mess every day .. it deserves all it gets a world full of "nutters" Maybe it's fun to turn life into a Hollywood movie and that's what the rest...
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    Redstarts Young Black Redstarts and a young male Common Redstart D810 + Nikon 600mm f4
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    P900 image thread

    Morning Jock I hope that you do not mind but I thought that I would throw in a suggestion on how to make your really nice images "pop" a little. I take a lot of wildlife and bird images and pp is quite important If you use LR or PS just a couple of minutes will "improve" the look of your...
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    Yeh Dale, a lot of people take "good" shots of birds with these modern compact zooms, which they are pleased with ....... but to get "proper" shots you needs the kit and nothing, IMHO competes, (yet) with a DSLR and a long expensive lens on a good tripod and head etc. ........ which works out at...
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    Great Spotted Woodpecker
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    Euro Robin
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    The 25th Photographers' Lounge Salon Challenge: Photo series

    S Africa - Knysna "Highland Games" - well Pipe Bands, (marvellous) - and young men throwing things
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    "Scottish" Pipe Bands

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    This mornings Market_Gironde_France

    Thanks Lawrence Casablanca - Do you mean Peter Lorre and a yes/no/it's terrible - I was quite fond of this image - but obviously not the guy
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