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    Sony Thar she blows!

    These photos were taken yesterday a few miles off the coast of eastern Australia as the annual whale migration to warmer breeding grounds to the north commenced. They give birth and head south with their new borns later in the year but much closer to the shore. They seem to enjoy having boats...
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    Portraits, any camera, any color, any subject

    Bright eyes
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    Sony Showcase RX1 Images

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    Sony securing RX1 lens cap

    Any ideas on how to secure the lens cap to the camera body with a lanyard? It is a cute little thing that my big fat fingers keep dropping. It is often difficult to put back on and I've dropped it a few times already. Sticky things tend to fail after a while and I'm not keen on drilling holes in...
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    Sony RX1 - wireless shutter trigger?

    I'm interested in responses to this question also. I have a trip to Europe planned shortly and I intend taking lots of self portraits. Timer releases are difficult compared to instant shots. I think a wireless receiver would need to be attached somehow? Probably not possible hence to responses.
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    Sony RX1 Beach photos

    A crop of one of the above. There must be a message there somewhere..... Forster NSW Australia.
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    Sony RX1 Beach photos

    Hi Luke, no I just put the camera on a tripod and stuck it in the sand and used a manual timing setting of around 30 seconds - hit and miss. Shot is looking south from Forster Australia. You can see the southern cross constellation if you look closely. I plan to stick the camera on my star...
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    Sony RX1 Beach photos

    New member with a new camera.
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    Another video question...

    The very best option available is AVCHD 60p 28M - Did you mean 50p? I don't have a 60 option.
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