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    Nikon Turns out I'm a bit of a bokeh whore - who knew?!?!?!

    Lovely images Ray. Your pictures make me want to consider bokeh while making an image. Almost. Though I shoot a D800e with a bunch of lenses, my favourite "bokeh" comes from a apsc DP3m. I need to try more lenses on the Nikon.
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    Went to Turkey for a few days...

    It's quite a sizable difference in use. Though I must warn you that the converter has some complex distortion that I find very difficult to correct in post. Also LR doesn't have a profile for it, which makes it particularly hard. Also flares like a *(^^!
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    Went to Turkey for a few days...

    Some black and white edits from Pammukale
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    Went to Turkey for a few days...

    Ayasofya Museum Shot with a Ricoh GR + Wide angle convertor Handheld, braced against pillars and guardrails
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    Went to Turkey for a few days...

    Across the Bosphorus, Istanbul Cruise ship leaves Kusadasi port Theater at Ephesus
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    News Be careful how you liscence your images on Flickr

    Photographer Loses Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Mapmaker That Used His Photo With His Explicit Permission
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    Deal on the Olympus Air A1

    For $300, this might make a decent second camera for someone already invested in the m43 system edit - It was originally slated to be $500
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    Ricoh The Ricoh GR image thread

    I always post an link. Weird. Anyone else having this problem? Maybe a direct link will work for you -
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    Ricoh The Ricoh GR image thread

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    color temperature of light bulbs

    It's an issue I end up grappling with quite a lot. Sometimes cheaper LED alternatives are used in projects, with poor CRI properties, and the space becomes very difficult to photograph. Our brains usually make up for poor lighting, but pictures show up all the faults. The cove lights are the...
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    color temperature of light bulbs

    Hey Luke, it's unfortunately not as simple as finding out the color temperature of your light fitting (bulb) or it's intensity (lumens). The quality of light has a lot more to do with it's CRI (color rendition index, than it has to do with...
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    Selling your work online

    Thanks for your question Bart, here's his response (I really wish he'd make and account here and answer all this himself, I know he is following this thread) " You can keep unto 10 images and switch out existing images with new ones. Each image is not evaluated. The Artist is evaluated on a...
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