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    Lightroom 4 now available

    UK readers,..PLEASE consider NOT falling victim to this until Adobe adopts fair pricing strategy and stops simply replacing the dollars with pounds thus forcing us to pay nearly TWICE THE PRICE for a box with a CD in it....... ....Fatuous 'deal' on lightroom 3 to clear shelves for lightroom 4...
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    Nikon J1 Review: A Field Report

    By coincidence, I was approached by a 'nikon lady' in a branch of the UK's premier department store at the weekend. She had a shocking pink 'J1' around her neck which, for some strange reason, she assumed I might like but I quickly put her straight on that! I spent a few minutes discussing...
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    Pentax K-01 Joins the Mirrorless System Camera Fray

    Some things never change; Pentax has had a 'me too' policy for all of the digital period and this is but more of the same,...a 'me too' camera that sadly has none of the advantaages of other makes models. If a camera can be summed up with the phrase 'the worst of all worlds' then the k01...
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    Updated Pentax CSC Rumors

    I dumped my pentax 'system' in favour of a Sony NEX 3 which is light years on from the clumsy pentax dslr's and whcih will happily take all of my Canon FD lenses via an inexpensive adaptor from ebay. Pentax are a useless company who never listen to their customers, 10 YEARS of making DSLR's...
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    Adobe Releases Public Beta of Lightroom 4.

    If, like me, you are using windows XP then don't bother downloading as it will not run..
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    Panasonic Charlie Waite on LX5

    How often one reads that; "the camera is not important"...however, it was very interesting to see that hardly any of Charlie Waite's fantastic landscape ability transfered to the advert for a camera that he would likely never use, especially in view of his stated views about digital images...
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    Stroll Seen while strolling...walking and wandering outside

    Just strolling,....What's THIS all about then?
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    Stroll Seen while strolling...walking and wandering outside

    'Just walkin' the dog'.....after evening rain in summer the sun evaporates the waterdrops across the forest,...but only where the sun falls......
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    Stroll The nightly dog walk ..

    Can anyone participate?.......if it's jsut your pix then I will delete with pleasure! This shot while 'walking the dog' at night using 3200iso and 50mm lens at f2;
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    Personal Favorite Photograph for 2011

    Since I started using the NEX3 in June I have had a much bigger percentage of 'keepers',...I don't really have a favourite but other people seem to like this one;
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    Feedback Making the Forums a Better Place to Spend Your Time

    My take on this (interesting) topic is a little different; When I aquired my NEX in June I quickly found this site and liked it very much,...the 'locals' were obviously nice people with interests and opinions who wanted to get the best images from their compact cameras despite any shortcomings...
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    Lightroom 3 for $150

    No, you're right,..the current UK price is a staggering TWO HUNDRED POUNDS!!! that out into USD! Adobe has always had the policy of charging the same digits for BOTH pounds and dollars, conveneintly ignoring the rate of exchange......... ....THEN there's the poor design to contend with...
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    Sony NEX with 'junk' lens,..Tokina 100 to 300mm

    The point here is that these (Tokina and similar) are more or less junk so while SRB (an excellent company of many years standing) and Novoflex (an even MORE excellent company) may well make good stuff it's not really applicable when several of the lenses together are only worth a fraction of...
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