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    Fuji My blog about gear

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    Dramatic B&W images

    I have been playing with Darktable .... shall have a look atRawTherapee. tks for that. I must say its a great not to be held to ransom by Microsoft now.
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    Dramatic B&W images

    I use Linux Mint. So what do you use? When using Linux?
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    Bullfinch (with the cheapo 50-230)

    First trip out with 50-230 must say I was not expecting much. But this Robin singing its hart out, calling for a mate, on this first sunny day or ages ISO400 1/80 at f6.7
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    Fuji Please introduce yourselves!

    Welcome Steve from another ex Nikon
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    Fuji The 90mm F2 lens

    You so and so. That's something else you have made me add to my wish list!
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    Fuji XT10 Book

    Does that also apply to those of us that have your hard copy XT1 book? If not how do we get a copy?
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    Fuji X-T1 Firmware V4.0 now available

    Installed FW V4. I am impressed.
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    Fuji Thanks to Rico re AFC

    Just chopped in my Nikon for a nice new XT1. So thought I had better order Rico's book from Amazon Hard copy. Will have to catch up with updates at a later date
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    Fuji Introduction

    Well the deed has been done I am now officially a XT1 user. Traded my Nikon in at WEX in Norwich got a good deal. XT1 + 18 - 135 lens Plus a free battery grip. I also qualified for the £80 trade in bonus, and to top it all off I also qualify for £75 cash back. Now I would say that's a good...
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    Fuji Introduction

    Bill Thanks for your concerns, But I have weighted up all the pros and cons and decided to have a close up of the XT1 in question. I have had a fondle of the XT1 with 18-135 (fell in love with it) in PC World yesterday. I have decided that it is for me. I did not find it too heavy. In fact it...
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    Fuji Introduction

    Bill thanks for the heads up. Shall check the weight of my nikon gear to see what is heavier.
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