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    Additional Forums

    I'd be interested in a stock photography forum as I do have a few shots in stock libraries, though not enough to make regular sales. FWIW I have a "day job" that I enjoy enough not to want to go fully "pro" with photography but would certainly appreciate any advice anyone may have for increasing...
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    We're not alone then - or are we?

    What makes you think that? From my own experience (Canon 40D owner) I certainly was more than happy to "trade down" to my EP-1 (though I certainly don't see it as that, I see it more as a lightweight alternative) because I was getting fed up with lugging the Canon (and especially the lenses!)...
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    Which aspect ratio you shoot and why ?

    I'm kind of odd because I shoot RAW + JPG so have the full 4/3 crop (on the EP-1) available as a "digital negative" anyway, but I prefer to compose "in-camera" and do as little post processing as possible, so I will often change the aspect ratio depending on the subject and also the art filter...
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    Another one over from

    Hello all, just thought I'd join in the fun here too! I've been a member of for a while now but as I'm interested in all sorts of cameras and types of photography I thought I'd come over and say hello here too. Small cameras that I own: Olympus EP-1 plus 14-42 lens and a number of...
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