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    Leica Leica X1 Firmware V2.0 update:

    as a sigma dp2 fan I feel a bit of an imposter on your upmarket thread and i must confess an x1 envy in relation to the high iso usability. however I can highly recommend stewart weirs x1 shots...have a look at his 23 fotos website and look at the barcelona's impressive stuff!!
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    Comment by 'cfcdave55' in media 'charlie'

    well done get carter, great capture !!
  3. man at fair bury st edmunds

    man at fair bury st edmunds

  4. bury st edmunds street scene

    bury st edmunds street scene

  5. SDIM1090


    shooting from the hip,sigma dp2s,
  6. bury st edmunds

    bury st edmunds

    bloke looking for????
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    Sigma Sigma DP1 and DP2....

    cheers BBW ,thanks for the vacquey tip, well worth the effort,and inspirational to anyone considering the foveon instinct is that the sigmas are as close as dammit to a velvia look,but thats just my take. ps .grab any pics you like from my flickr stream.
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    Sigma Sigma DP1 and DP2....

    hello all,yes i have been smitten by the lure of the foveon sensor.had the dp1 for a while but despite some pleasing results it was an ultimately frustrating more than happy with dp2s,yes there are drawbacks but if you stick with it and learn to accomadate it's foibles it's got a soul...
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    Comment by 'cfcdave55' in media 'Bourbon Street Shirt'

    like your stuff......v good !!
  10. SDIM0863


  11. southwark london

    southwark london

    futuristic foyer to office block taken with sigma dp2s
  12. coffee shop chat

    coffee shop chat

    taken in bury st edmunds with a sigma dp2s
  13. misty november night

    misty november night

    xmas light's just going on in bury st edmunds ,suffolk, england,taken with sigma dp2s
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