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Country Parson
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  • Thanks for the reply. I might see you at the Farmers Market some day. I would have gone yesterday but am laid-up with a sprained ankle. Perhaps next week. For street shooting Charlotte is fun. The small towns like Troy, Mt. Gilead, Albemarle, need something special going on in order to find enough subjects to keep it interesting.
    have done some shooting in and around town. I have a small studio in the lower level of the old hotel but have not had a chance to use the m43 camera there yet. Have only had the G3 a few weeks. It's a nice change from my big canon stuff. I had intended going to the farmers market today and take some photo, just never got there
    Hi Dan, yes, I'm sworks over on the pentax forum. I realized that I'd been talking to Kyteflyer there over a year ago without realizing that it was Sue here! I haven't been on there much over the last year but began to post a few pics from the K5 recently as I started to enjoy the lenses I bought in the States last May, finally! I got fed up with compramizing IQ all the time and just started to use the K5 more. When the K-01 first surfaced I was fairly indifferent to the style as IQ and usability is more important to me, after all, I'm behind the camera so not really having to look at it that much! I rather like it. No, it's af is not fast, fast but it's not as bad as I had thought and seems snappier to me than the Fuji X100 and it's much easier to hold than many cameras I have. Good luck with your decision making. I would try and get a hold of one and see how it feels to you. Regards, Christina
    Thanks, Isoterica. That is clever. But I have not seen any of your work on this site so I will be watching for the Esoteric images.
    Isoterica comes from ISO & Esoterica since I tend to shoot.. unusual things that aren't necessarily main stream or appreciated by all. Just adding a little light [pun indended] with ISO
    Thank God salvation is by faith through grace alone! Otherwise, my gear gluttony would condemn me for life as well! Wouldn't it be interesting if you got the NEX7 and XP1 on the same day? I think the only way I can help as a fellow brother like you is to take one of them off your hands. :)
    I held a GX1 in my hand, but didn't pull the trigger. I was so proud of myself for resisting! If you ever find a NEX7 in the US, let me know! Still struggling with the peaking on the GXR. Leaning towards returning it now. My keeper rate is definitely higher with the M9, or at least for now anyway. Nice use of that NEX5n. I had one for about a week, but that's when I still had a NEX3. So I returned the 5n. Now that I don't have the 3, I regret not having the 5n!
    Hi Dan! Thank you for your kind message on my member page. It is very much appreciated. Looking forward to your continued contributions to this site. And happy that you share the faith.
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