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    To those affected by Hurricaine Harvey

    45.6 inches of rain recorded at the far end of our street. Numerous houses on the bayou side of the street took on water, probably 1-3 feet in depth. Miraculously, the opposite side of the street - where we live - wasn't flooded.
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    Fuji EXIF viewer

    One other option: if you open an image in Preview on the Mac, Command-I takes you to a display which includes most - but not all- of the EXIF data.
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    Fuji EXIF viewer

    Ahh....of course. Well, EXIF Editor works with all photos that haven't been stripped of EXIF data.
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    Fuji EXIF viewer

    I have one called Exif Editor on my MacBook Pro. Author is Martin Novák. I hardly use it, as all the EXIF data I regularly need is available in Lightroom.
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    Hey Kyle, check this out

    Just an aside: my very first 3-speed English bike (circa 1956) had Sturmey-Archer gears. Haven't seem that name in decades...
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    Sony Movie management

    A little surprised that iMovie won't accept mp4, but there are conversion programs available. I've used one called Any Video Converter (Free) with some success. I've also used Video Shrinker to downsize. For transfers, I use Dropbox to get around the limit on e-mail servers.
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    Official Fuji Xspot Selfie/shots of members thread

    Beautiful family, Amin!
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    New York, again

    Just terrific....! Of course, I especially like the Coolpix A shots - very inspirational. Thanks for sharing, Ray!
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    Fuji DPReview Test of Fuji X70

    Certainly threw cold water on my interest in the camera. Will soldier on with the Coolpix A.
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    Fuji X-70: Some more pics and thoughts

    Horses for courses. Two of your "sway factors" go the other way for me: I'm seriously considering the X70 because of the tilt screen and touch focus capability. I used the HiBW mode with the GRD III and IV and never warmed to it; would rather use the capabilities of Silver Efex Pro to do...
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    Nikon Nikon DL series

    The LX7 image stabilization works very well for me. Not sure I have a M43 lens that stabilizes as well. The ND filter is a big factor, as is the size: my LX7 rides in a dry bag in the cockpit of my kayak. Size matters! :-)
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    Nikon Nikon DL series

    I'm looking at the 24-85 as a replacement for my LX7, which I now use mostly for video. Built-in ND filter and 4K UHD very appealing. I believe I read that there's going to be an optional EVF...? I do use the Panny LVF2 with the LX7 and it's really helpful in sunny conditions.
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    Nikon Coolpix A Refurb: Couldn't Resist

    Of course, Fuji came out with a similar model (X70) just after I bought the "A". No regrets, though; I really like the Nikon. Still getting used to 28 mm perspective, but that will come.
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    Fuji New firmware for Fuji X-E2

    I'm really glad they revised and reissued the entire user manual; would have been too difficult to capture all the differences in an addendum. I feel like I've purchased a new camera - at zero cost!
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    Micro 4/3 No Love for the New Panasonic GM5?

    Still love my LX7...just couldn't bring myself to upgrade to the LX100. Maybe if the LX7 were to die...
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