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    Fuji First Impressions of X-T3 (coming from X-T1)

    Buy used?
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    Yongnuo entering the mirrorless market

    I now have a visual of someone walking around talking into their camera with a lens sticking out the side.
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    SiO 2018 - Day Thirty One.

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    SiO 2018 - Day Thirty.

    Wandering wizard.
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    SiO 2018 - Day Twenty Three.

    Kicking up some sand!
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    Oly 12-40 f2.8 PRO quite cheap at Massdrop

    It is going to be grey market coming from massdrop. Looks like the going rate is about ~$550 for a grey market lens from hong kong so it is a decent deal but not earth shattering.
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    SiO 2018 - Day Twenty One.

    If we are doing aquarium photos..... EDIT: Apparently, I left this in draft status last night and never submitted it.
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    Micro 4/3 Decision made!

    I enjoy both Fuji and m43. It would be hard for me if I had to choose between them.
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