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    Sony Two month update. A6000 is great.

    Hi Dave! That humming bird picture is amazing! Do you take raw images or JPEG? I found the a6000 in camera JPEGs to be really bad quality - jaggy and lossy, but your photos look great. How did you do it? Thanks in advance! Dan

    Hello from Germany!

    Hi Bill, I like your blog! Especially feeling you about the courier post. I am selling my less used cameras on eBay and had so much trouble with sending a Mamiya 1000s in perfect condition that arrived broken and in a wet package that had been taped up again before arrival... Apparently they...

    Sony Recommendations for Legacy Glass on the Sony A7R / A7 - lenses with character

    By the way, I would recommend getting a go with a Canon 50mm f0.95 it you get the chance. It is a sharp lens but at fully open it has razor thin dof so is very difficult to nail with moving objects (case in point being my son in the pic linked below. The bokeh is great with a bit of character...

    Hello from Germany!

    Hi all! My name is Dan and I only just started getting online fairly recently. My website is 1 year old in February. I've been taking photos on digital for the last 15 years I guess but only started wanting to do more with it fairly recently as I am a translator by day. I have a Canon 6D which...

    Hello from Delaware

    Hi Tony (this is my first message on this site too but welcome anyway!) I bought an a6000 and sent it back as it just didn't work well for me even though I desperately wanted it to. You seem to be making the standard of photos I had thought possible but couldn't get out of the one I got, so...

    Sony Recommendations for Legacy Glass on the Sony A7R / A7 - lenses with character

    Hello! I only got an a6000 as I couldn't justify another massive purchase but I am happy with it so far. I would love to see how my Mamiya 645 lenses look on this camera or an a7.
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