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    Mt St Helens on Father's Day= heaven!

    I especially liked the second shot, wonderful.
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    Fuji Showcase XF14mmF2.8 R samples

    Taken the Galapagos this the 14mm.
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    Fuji AF Performance differences...

    What would be the differences in performance between setting the front switch to C and half pressing the shutter to focus on a moving subject verses using AF-C and pressing AF-L while pressing the shutter button in manual focus mode?
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    Cars, trucks and things that go!

    My problem was picking my grandson out of a pack of moving soccer players. Look forward to chatting.
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    Cars, trucks and things that go!

    Steven great shots at Sonoma, which focus mode were you using. Single, zone , or 3d tracking?
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    Fuji Focus difficulty at soccer games..

    I'll try the smaller PDAF zone of 3x3 instead of 3x5 in zone focus. After that, I'll treat myself to a new lens
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    Fuji Focus difficulty at soccer games..

    I attended my grandsons' soccer games yesterday with my X-t1/55-200 combo. I used a monopod with OIS turned off at 1/500 sec. I followed the latest tips, performance on/mechanical shutter only. I tried many combinations of single, zone, and wide area tracking with AFS/AFC/MF. Also, switched...
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    Fuji X-T1 Firmware V4.0 now available

    I believe the wide/tracking is best used when a subject moves across the frame. With riders coming toward you, try zone focus with af-c and one of the multi shot settings.
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    Fuji X-T1 Firmware V4.0 now available

    Is there an updated manual that incorporate all the changes? The "new features guide" refers to non existing page numbers in the old manual.
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    Fuji Thanks to Rico re AFC

    Rico, can you give the purchasers of your book a short update on the best focus procedures after the new software is released?
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    Good Guys Hot Rod Show

    Love your stuff, should have gone!
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    Here's one from Joshua Tree National park last week

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    Bridges in Bencia

    I know those bridges well, great composition.
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    B-17's know the way home...

    Nice the processing.
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    Fuji Is it just me...

    I'm now loving the output from C1. Beautiful colors and detail without a lot of adjusting.
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