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    Leica Fun in the snow

    Beautiful shots
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    Leica Summilux R 50mm version 1

    Lost Ball by Sa_La., on Flickr A recent shot from near our new abode.
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    Leica Introduce Yourself...

    Hey Mark, Glad to see you have finally made your way over here, I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
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    Leica Some more Santurce, Puerto Rico architecture

    Lovely black and whites too Antonio.
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    Leica Clock Tower

    Ditto the above. Great composition.
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    Leica Summilux R 50mm version 1

    Some more with a bit of PP: Chilling by Sa_La., on Flickr Contemplation by Sa_La., on Flickr Hanging out by Sa_La., on Flickr
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    Leica Summilux R 50mm version 1

    I had to steal the dog out of the boys' toy box when they weren't looking :o
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    Leica The Musician

    Beautiful use of subtle lighting
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    Leica 1937 Carl Zeiss Jena 5cm f/1.5 Sonnar (uncoated)

    Wow, the last one is very unique.
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    Leica Summilux R 50mm version 1

    I've finally got off my bum and started a thread for this great lens. I use it on a Leica R7 for film shooting and a Canon 6D for digital. I love all it's characteristics - large aperture, colour rendition, 3Dness, sharpness and wicked flare given the right conditions. If anyone else has (or...
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    Leica Leica M Landscape?

    Hi David, If you are looking at shooting wider than 28mm you also need to mount an external finder on the shoe mount (or guess the frame) as the M's do not provide frames for lesser focal lengths. I do a bit of hiking and do not use an external finder on my camera as they stick out from the...
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    Leica Showcase Nikon 10.5cm F2.5 Nikkor-PC LTM

    I love these floral shots Brian, the yellow filter really works well.
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    Leica Showcase KMZ 3.5cm F2.8 Jupiter-12 in LTM

    Brian, I have one of these that has been sitting on the shelf for twelve months waiting for me to match it to my M6. Can you point me in the direction of where to find instructions of the shimming process please?
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    Leica Show us your film Leica

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