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    The Real Silver Effex Thread and Gallery is now online.

    I've recently opened an account with Flickr & don't know why I left it so long, it's brilliant. Among the albums I've made so far is a monochrome one, some shots are new some are older ones but all recently revamped using Silver Efex. Monochrome and Selective Colour
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    Back Again

    Been a while since I've visited here, over 12 months ago in fact according to my profile. Photography has taken a bit of a back seat for the past year as family stuff and restoring an old car sort of took over things. It's nice to see some of the old names still here though, and if you'll have...
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    Show Motorcycles & Scooters

    I think you may have had a lucky escape with the F800ST KR. I bought one a few years back to replace my Harley. I only ever bought the Dyna Glide to see what they're like and wasn't that impressed to be honest, it was fun for what it was and I enjoyed tinkering and customising it but I grew...
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    Show Motorcycles & Scooters

    If you count everything in terms of hard cash then yes I guess it is, but a BMW will depreciate far less over the years than most other bikes. At 6 years old I could still buy a decent car for what it's worth in the UK. But, that's not the point. Where biking is concerned I never count things in...
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    Show Motorcycles & Scooters

    I like that, John. I've just taken the bib screen off the BMW, 'tis now a nekid bike and looks very mean 'n moody.
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    Show Motorcycles & Scooters

    On Friday I took a run over to Silverstone to photograph the practice sessions for the British round of the Moto GP. Silverstone was it's usual bleak, cold place dispite the bright sunshine, it's always cold there no matter when you choose to go. Struggling with an ailing camera, the light meter...
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    More from France

    Thanks for all the nice comments. I'll get these loaded up onto my website when I get time to do them, It's all just a bit chaotic here at the moment. A simple wiring job in my garage to provide a power point for the new electrically operated doors turned into a major rewire. Fortunately I was...
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    More from France

    Been slowly working my way through more photos from my France trip of a few week ago amongst the myriad other things I've been doing here - major revamp of garage and collecting bits for the new (old) car that should be arriving within the next few weeks. Also been looking at new DSLR cameras...
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    Sorry, should have said, these were shot on my aging Canon 550D using a Canon 17-40 L Zoom. The metering on the camera packed in whilst on the French tour so most to the shots were pure guesswork. New camera body time I think, I only ever buy cheap bodies as I abuse them too much but this...
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    I've recently returned from a road trip over in France where I explored a lot of small medieval villages in the Lot and Dordogne areas. The shots I took this year were all done with a view to making them monochromes for my "Backroads of France" series of photos for my website. I did a similar...
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    Show "Remarkable Car(s)"

    I sold the BMW Z4 a month or so back, some of you may recall it, it was the yellow one I put a few pics of on here. Truth is I found it an incredibly boring car, great to drive but the only time it became even remotely entertaining was at highly illegal speeds - so I got rid. After 3 MX5s...
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    Just got back from a wee trip to Cornwall for a wedding, decided to stay down there and rented a cottage on the coast and did some walking on the coastal footpath. Not sorted all the photos yet as I'm planning a trip to France for a few weeks time but here are a few I rattled off near Newquay...
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    Pure Abstracts

    Nearest thing I came to creating an abstract was this, which I did for my City & Guilds photography coursework years ago. This took ages to set up over a period of a few days experimenting with different lighting set ups and is a scan of a cibachrome print done from Fuji slide film in my old...
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    Back .........

    I'm just putting the shots I took onto my website so I'll post th elink when it's done, but here's one to be going on with. Alesund from Mount Askla,
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