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    Ricoh GR III rumor

    There are a few pre-views of the GR III starting to surface. I found these two of some use, use your favorite translator to get the gist of the text Ricoh GR III First Impression 搶先上手、初次印象 - mookio 阿默 This link shows a few menu items - Google Translate
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    Fuji XE3 Arrived!

    Hope you don't mind if I take this topic a little sideways I've got an X-E3 with the 35mm f2 as a backup to my Ricoh GR. The first batch of 30 odd images are mostly disappointingly missed focus. A few hit the mark. I am unsure if its operator error as the 50mm equiv would demand more care than...
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    Fuji Fuji X70

    I have been a long time GR user, I still have them all and am very familiar with their use and shortcomings. edit: in the last several months I have sold off most and use the GR almost exclusively. I am surprised by the negative reactions to the X70. The Coolpix A is essentially gone and other...
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    Micro 4/3 No Love for the New Panasonic GM5?

    I'm considering a GM5 & Panasonic 42.5 to get the IOS. The Pana 42.5 rather than the Zuiko 45mm. This kit teamed with my Ricoh GR to give me a 28mm/85mm pair. Might shove a 25mm (50mm equivalent) in the middle later. Its time I tried some 85mm to get me out of the 28mm only groove.
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    Coolpix A back for $299.

    Its very annoying, I'd like to try one but not at AU prices.
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    Sony RX2 Speculation and wish list

    Well it did surface in the form of the RX1r II
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    Ricoh The Ricoh GR image thread

    Thank you for this. To me the GR is not only a street camera but a travel light, travel far camera.
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    Fuji X-T1 GAS attack #2 (the me also thread)

    Cheers thanks. While there is an offer, I mainly try to use out of camera jpgs but will post process if it warrants it. Are the results with Lightroom considered good these days? While I have other options its the only RAW processor that seem to gel with me.
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    Fuji X-T1 GAS attack #2 (the me also thread)

    I did not jump on board the initial flurry of excitement when the X-T1 was released some years ago. I checked one out at a dealers many months back. It was always a bit highly priced for me. I did sometime ago dump all my m43 gear on the used market and never replaced it with anything. My Ricoh...
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    GASoholics - what is your number??

    Right now I am a bit more concerned with how many I've KEPT rather than owned. There are a few that hold a rather silly keepsake, souvenir or memento status. Some have a certain IQ so get kept as I'd have regrets if i sold them. They are worsen the total number.
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    Ricoh New GR Apparently

    But the GR II is not on their Ricoh store at all. I think they must have stock of GXR lenses then as they did pull down the Sigma DP1M and DP3 when stock ran out.
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    Ricoh New GR Apparently

    Thank you for the update. Looks like they dropped it from $950 when I inquired last week. Its all a bit confusing as I was on their Ricoh shop expecting it to appear there Seems the GR is more Pentax now than Ricoh?
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    Ricoh New GR Apparently

    I am quite disappointed that the Australian price is AU$950 which while inline with the US price of about $695 with the current exchange rate but it is still $100 more than the GR when it was first released. I bet the price won't shift if the exchange rate gets better. Right now as much as I am...
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    Sigma Advice please on a DP.

    Good move Bill, I did email the AU distributor and they said there are no more DP1M for sale, and I suspect the same for the DP3. The DP2M would be the last of them here new and for once we had the best price in the world on them.
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    Sigma Advice please on a DP.

    The original DP2 will often yield a look and images have what is described as a "pop" to them, its sometimes 3D. The clarity and definition at base ISO is superb. The Merrill loses some of this look at high res but the detail is immense. I think some of the DP2 look is garnered back in LOW and...
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