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    The Ring of Power

    Wow, this sure flopped, lol. This is pretty typical of where this board is: it's about hardware, and not about technique or actual photography. I've noticed that actual photo posts get far less response than talking about putting a 20th century lens on a 21st century camera, or drooling over...
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    Fuji Does My X-A1 Make the X100T Unnecessary?

    Very much in agreement on the 23mm f/1.4. If Panasonic has something quality wise with the LX100 kind of like the LX7 I used to have (and also miss, lol) then it could be a winner. That was a great camera/lens combo. Hope it's more like that.
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    Fuji Does My X-A1 Make the X100T Unnecessary?

    Get used X-E2 and another lens for what you'd pay for the X100T. That said, I miss my X100S and think it's one of the best, if not THE best fixed lens platforms on the planet. Any planet. I'm waiting to hear more on the LX100 lens quality. That was the downfall on the Panny LF1 for me...
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    How about some 19th Century Urbex? Or, is it Rurex? Oh, never mind.

    Lovely shots! Maybe it's "village-ex"... certainly it's "ex-village", lol.
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    Fuji Feedback On Photo Article

    I think it's a good primer on thinking through a shoot -- something which too often isn't done (and I've been guilty of that myself, lol). My only comment is that for many these days the available "attention span" is not what it used to be. I often try to use smaller paragraphs (therefore...
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    Fuji Featured: 'Eastern Sierra Landscapes' by Stephen S

    Lovely photos of a lovely place!
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    The Ring of Power

    A buddy at work asked me to do something different for an engagement shoot. I suggested he let me write a story and shoot it in an abandoned textile mill and he pitched my outline to his fiance and she agreed. So, I took a bunch of Aputure radio controls, 4 strobes, a lightweight travel...
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    The Urbex Tour Guide

    Well, here's some from a place where nobody is dying. Went back to "Embersville" which was a large state hospital and wandered the underground utility, steam, and staff tunnels to see what I could find. More documentary than art mostly, but it was a fun thing to do on a rainy day. It ALWAYS...
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    Fuji Narrow your horizons

    The X-M1 is a bargain indeed. I love mine although mostly it's on a tripod. It's light and has all the Fuji quality. Didn't do much with the 27mm, I preferred the 18mm but I'm a wide angle shooter mostly. Nice blog post also -- you write well!
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    Fuji Participating in my first gallery show

    Thanks, all. The opening went well. At first, it was like nobody was coming, lol -- then the place filled up and for awhile it was very busy. I didn't get many photos of the busier times because I was busy chatting with folks. Met a lot of cool and very talented photographers there. It...
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    Fuji Considering switching to Fuji - looking for thoughts and suggestions

    You can't lose whatever you pick, lol. Fuji's WORST lenses are still very, very good. I think if you are used to a "normal" view lens, the 35mm is a great place to start -- and you'll probably keep it forever. I ran around with a film SLR for decades with just a 50mm on it so I have no...
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    Fuji A case for going entirely "mirrorless"?

    I print 24"x36" from my X-E2 and X-M1 (in fact, I'm in a gallery show -- finally, lol -- opening tomorrow) and I use PhotoNinja for critical work. But I use it to create a 16-bit TIFF that is a "pseudo RAW" and don't try to get my final look out of it. That can often be done as a series of...
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    Cherry Grove Pier

    Lovely! Wish I lived near such subjects. I didn't get down to the Outer Banks this year -- ended up in Missouri visiting in-laws (which I did enjoy a great deal, lol) but I didn't even see the coast this year.
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    Fuji X100T Improvements

    It's a beast! Would have been quicker to list the things it DOESN'T do, lol.
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    Fuji X-T1 Red Peaking on B&W Film Simulation

    I don't shoot in native B/W but that's a good thought. I use focus peaking a lot in my urbex work. I did a shoot recently in totally dark basement rooms with people modeling and had to use a flashlight to light them and prefocus with focus peaking, followed by turning off the flashlight and...
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