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    Fuji X-Pro1 and OVF and ND filters - just a heads up

    Put a 3 stop on this weekend so I could shoot wide open with the 35mm in the bright SoCal sun. The HUD in the OVF ramps up and down on it's own. However it was so dim I could not make out exposure comp. Then I realized it was setting the HUD brightness based on the sensor with a 3 stop...
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    Fuji X-Pro1 for street

    FYI, the XF 35mm holds up well at f/16 Blur index gadget
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    Fuji tests XF 35mm

    f/5.6 is the sweet spot Not sure about the huge jump in IQ from f/2 to f2.8 Fujinon XF Lens: Primes - Fujinon XF 35mm f/1.4 R (Tested) -! Here's the blur index gadget: tloader
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    Fuji DPR has X-Pro1 comparison shots with BETA camera raw converter

    The corner of the Queen of Hearts in RAW looks soft to me compared to the others. But is is BETA so they probably need to work some things out.
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    Fuji DPR has X-Pro1 comparison shots with BETA camera raw converter

    Fujifilm X-Pro1 Hands-on Preview: Digital Photography Review
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    Fuji Interesting X Pro Review

    X-Pro1 is 14 bit, correct? Nice find
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    Fuji X-Pro1: Under a tree and into the sun DR shot

    Fujifilm X-Pro1, 35 mm, ISO 200, 1/900 sec, f5.6, 0 EV Velvia Multi-area metering sun did not blow out
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    Fuji X-Pro1: Shallow DOF and it's affect on AF - a simple DIY test and question

    I want a mulligan on my question. Keep in mind I am coming from m43 so having a DOF so shallow that focusing was difficult was not an issue. I'm thinking that shooting a f/1.4 at distance is not the issue, shorter distances is what makes it more difficult. Do you ever think that you are so...
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    Fuji X-Pro1: Shallow DOF and it's affect on AF - a simple DIY test and question

    Find a target not too far away so you can easily see it's in focus. I used a heavy towel about 6' away. Switch to Continuous AF. Set Aperture to wide open. Listen to the lens, it's adjusting focus non-stop to compensate for your slight hand held movements. Now set Aperture to f/16...
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    Fuji LCD / EVF / OVF HUD brightness adjustment

    Saw a post that said the brightness of the EVF and OVF can be set independently using QMenu / "LCD brightness". What I am seeing is LCD Brightness can be set independently for the EVF and LCD. If you have your eye to the viewfinder, "LCD brightness" adjusts the EVF. However it does...
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    Fuji A 35/0.95 lens for the X-Pro1?

    Nice and low profile, no one will notice you with that lens ;)
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    Fuji X-Pro1, twilight, 6400 iso

    Yep, that's MoVal.
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    Fuji X-Pro1, twilight, 6400 iso

    These were Provia/standard which is lower contrast than say Velvia. Velvia would be a good choice for straight OOC, no PP. Provia/standard being lower contrast gives more wiggle room with DR. Probably a better choice for RAW / PP, which is what I am used to. Thx 4 looking.
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    Fuji X-Pro1, twilight, 6400 iso

    PLEASE READ CAREFULLY Feel free to ask questions, just try to make sure they are not already covered here, thx. X-Pro1 settings: Provia/standard, jpeg, all settings at 0 Lightroom 4: Exported as long edge 1000px, jpeg quality 88 Straight OOC. If there is any LR4 PP I will note it...
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